Interactive Documentary Roundtable

From Documentary Subject to Design Object

A roundtable discussion on interactive documentaries and presentation of essay : Doc Object Manifesto 2.0 

November 29, 2013, 5 to 7pm at Hexagram – Concordia University

In recent years we have seen an accelerated shift of documentary filmmakers trying to explore the realm of interactive design and new media. Many reasons can explain this leap of faith, from the erosion of state-funded public television and the film industry to the radical hopes we tend to project onto new technologies.

The discussion will gravitate around 3 questions: Why filmmakers want and need to make interactive media? Which are the inherent challenges encountered when combining design and documentary practices? What kind of new outcomes can we foresee as a result of greater collaboration and understanding amongst both fields?

This round-table is an Action-Manifesto by Diego Briceño-Orduz for the Language, Politics and Manifestos Class DART502 as part of the Graduate Certificate in Digital Technologies in Design Art Practice.


Kat Baulu produces documentary, interactive media, 3D stereoscopic film and animation. Her inspiration comes from raising underrepresented voices and communicating authentic stories with evidenced social impact. Her last co-production with EyeSteelFilm was the Grand Prize Paris International Environmental Film Festival Award Winner THE FRUIT HUNTERS.

New media developer, director, writer and entrepreneur, Michel Lefebvre has over twenty years experience in the Quebec’s Cultural and Communications Sector. Combining his creative and management skills, he puts his experience to work toward project reaching large audiences. He is currently the director of Agence TOPO, an digital arts centre for multidisciplinary artists.

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