My Left Arm

A woman swims 13 km butterfly style across the Bay of All Saints in Brazil. She can only move her left arm and wants to break a world record. Veronica Almeida is a 38 years-old Paralympics Brazilian athlete with an empowering story of determination that overcomes all odds.

The film alternates between the build-up towards the Bay crossing and Veronica’s unique story: Divorced and mother of twins, in 2007 she discovers she has a rare degenerative disease with a prognosis of one year of life. That same year, she decides to start swimming and quickly becomes a world-class swimmer. She ends up wining bronze at the Paralympics Games in Beijing. The film follows Veronica as she trains fiercely next to her coach and family, who support her with both concern and admiration. With beautiful Salvador de Bahia as a backdrop, we learn from Veronica’s backstory, and through her, we discover the world of para-athletes, challenging our vision on physical disabilities.

Format: one-off documentary 52 min | Portuguese, English and French versions available

Director: Claudia Gama / Researcher and Writer: Sofia Federico | Producers: Andrea Amado (Benditas, Brazil), Diego Briceño (Makila, Canada) | Partner: Fundo da Secretaria de Cultura, Bahia, Brazil


Looking for: European co-producers, International Commissions & Pre-sales (all territories available)

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