The House of the Guna People is Sinking

concept by Diego Briceño

Guna artist Oswaldo De Leon Kantule, better known as Achu, paints a map of his homeland, Guna Yala, a territory that includes over 300 islands on Panama´s Caribbean coast. These islands are now threatened by rising sea-levels due to climate change and most communities will eventually be forced to migrate to the mainland. I go with Achu to Ustupu, their most populated island, during their annual Revolution commemoration to ask a group of Guna youth to record four short videos about their memory inspired on the artist's poetic rendering of the territory...

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concept and interactive design by Diego Briceño Orduz
co-creator and artwork by Oswaldo De Leon Kantule “Achu”

videos created in collaboration with
Centro Fotógrafos Sin Fronteras de Ustupu, Guna Yala
centre coordinator Andrés De Leon Kantule

video making participants:
Karibel Iglesias, Maikaluna Paredes, Tito López, Donipiler Fernandez, Americo Vespucio Smith, Dayana Alfaro, Dutu López, Dixon Paredes, Olo Charles, Eibar Martínez, Kalupiler Palacios, Lideyka Ayarza

rap by Sarky / GunaRevolution

additional camera & sound + editing Diego Briceño Orduz
motion graphics and color correction by Erik Chen
programming Paul Gascou-Vaillancourt
additionnal sound fxs René Portillo

Project incubated at Makila, coopérative de solidarité

Produced as part of the Graduate Certificate in Digital Technologies in Design Art Practice, Department of Design and Computation Arts, Concordia University (Montreal)
supervisor: pk langshaw
Special Thanks to:
National Film Board of Canada
Agence TOPO
Les production ISCA
Banff Centre
Betania Orduz

in Panama
Domitila DeLeon, Fernando Fernandez, Lois DeLeon, Angela Laird, Eric Gutiérrez, Leonor Pastor, Autograph Lodge, Sandrine Casto

in Montreal
Alison Loader, Brad Todd, Valérie Lamontagne, Chris Moore, Carmela Cucuzzella, ELizabeth Miller, David Ward, Prem Sooriyakumar, Jason Lewis, Alicia Fortier,
Kat Baulu, Ellen Tang, Abraham Lifshitz, Jesse Freeston, Giulia Frati, Michel Lefebvre, Vincent Archambault, Oscar Garavito,
my classmates: Alec, Oana, Matthew, Mira, Andreea, Brian, Kyle,
and Patricia y Sarita

The rights on the media elements of this work are shared between Diego Briceño, Oswaldo DeLeon Kantule and the Centro de Fotógrafos Sin Fronteras de Ustupu. The artwork, stories, music, representation and general voices and images of the people and places, belong to the Guna People, represented legally by El Congreso General Guna

limited rights reserved © 2014

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