Dieynaba Diagne


Dieynaba Diagne has been working in new information and communication technologies for the past twenty years. She is an eclectic and passionate person known for her authenticity and humanism. Her compass, a life guide, is based on values of creativity, collaboration, diversity, audacity and transparency. In 2020, she founded Waddame, an application that connects community commissionaires, and also runs Adoska, a digital design agency. Involved in the community, she sits as Co-Director of Communications and Marketing on the board of directors of the Jeune Chambre de Commerce des Femmes du Québec, is a volunteer with the organization Audace au féminin and also sits on the governing board of the Charles Bruneau school. Dieynaba holds a Master's degree in Hypermedia Science and Techniques and a Master's degree in Multimedia Visual Arts. She has held various positions related to digital creation, communication, strategy and project management. She is currently a project manager in an entertainment company.

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